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Enjoy your sports holidays with Mayor Camilo Sánchez Gran Canaria Half-Marathon

In 2017 we will celebrate the XXI Mayor Camilo Sánchez Gran Canaria Half-Marathon.

This is a race that takes place in the municipality of Santa Lucía on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands, wich belong to Spain and fully integrated in the European Union, are located in the blue and refreshing waters on the Atlantic Ocean, some 4º from the tropic of Cancer. The Canary Islands display all of the magic of an archipiélago that is unique throughhout the world for its diversity and subtropical richness; there is an entire universo to be enjoyed in a spring-like climate that lasts twelve months of the year. Gran Canaria is a meeting point with Europe where never ending spring.



The XI edition of this event, that combines the distances of 5, 10’5 and 21 km in a  3 days program with activities for all ages, will be celebrated on November 26th. It is an event that was born in 2001 and maintains a solidarity spirit in memorial of the deceased mayor of the municipality of Santa Lucía, Camilo Sánchez.

Thanks to the climate of Gran Canaria it is possible to take place a race of these characteristics at the end of November. This fact, together with the accommodation offer with possibilities of 2 and 4 stars hotels has made possible the rising of the number of participatings arriving from other islands and Spanish communities, as well as runners from the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Italy, among others.

From its beginnings this race wanted to be a reference in athletics of the island of Gran Canaria and it is getting it. But it also wants to be attractive to those who start running or who usually practice other modalities.

For all this, we want to invite you to it because we believe it is a great offer for a sporting holiday destination for the whole family.




Differents distances: 21Km, 10,5Km y 5Km. Link to Regulation.



The Canary Islands are known as a very safe tourist destination. Even if we look at statistics of the safest vacation places, the Canary Islands would surely be among the top places.


We have available to the participants and their families an interesting hotel offer in which they can enjoy a special offers in some hotels. You can consult it in the following link:

More Info about accommodation offer.



Registration in the Gran Canaria Half Marathon has very competitive prices. You will benefit from better prices as soon as you register.



– Our race is certified by the Spanish Athletics Federation in the modalities of 21 and 10.5 kilometers.

– It will have different services that will make the attendance and participation to the event more comfortable: free parking, runner bag, showers, refreshments during the race, etc.

– Fun and activities for the whole family.




Its beaches, its climate, its nature and its villages are the main reasons to travel to this beautiful island of the Atlantic Ocean, but certainly there are some other reasons why we recommend you visit to our island:

– It is only a couple of hours away from the Iberian Peninsula, so in general you do not have to make a long trip to get here.

– Its gastronomic offer focused on seafood and vegetables.

– Its culture, history and particular idiosyncrasy make us a friendly people with visitors.

– You will find beaches to relax and cities to do different activities, without forgetting to enjoy the nocturnal leisure.

If we have convinced you, the next step is to register in our race.

For any questions, you can also contact us in:


You can do it in the following link:



Instagram @gcmediamaraton

Twitter: @gcmediamaraton


Homologadas las modalidades de 21 Km Y 10,5 Km de la Gran Canaria Media Maratón Alcalde Camilo Sánchez

Ya podemos anunciar que el circuito de la Gran Canaria Media Maratón Memorial Alcalde Camilo Sánchez va a ser homologado por la Real Federación Española de Atletismo (RFEA), en sus modalidades de 21 kilómetros y 10,5 kilómetros.



La RFEA es la única Entidad en España, como miembro de la Federación Internacional de Atletismo, legalmente capacitada para emitir un Certificado de Homologación de los Circuitos de Marcha y Carreras en Carretera.


Entrénate con la G.C. Media Maratón Alcalde Camilo Sánchez, para la Gran Canaria Maratón, con una sola inscripción

Este año, volvemos a tener la suerte de contar con la colaboración de la Gran Canaria Maratón, para que las personas que quieran hacer tanto esta carrera, como la Gran Canaria Media Maratón Memorial Alcalde Camilo Sánchez, puedan hacerlo por un precio inmejorable.

Está destinada a todos los deportistas, que tengan en su planificación hacer las dos carreras, puesto que podrán hacerlo a través de una sola inscripción, al precio de 30€.

Esta colaboración está destinada a todos los corredores y corredoras que quieran aprovechar la Gran Canaria Media Maratón Memorial Alcalde Camilo Sánchez, que tendrá lugar el 26 de noviembre de 2017, como un entrenamiento previo a laGran Canaria Maratón que se celebrará el 21 de enero del 2018.

La oferta es exclusiva para los corredores que deseen inscribirse a la distancia MARATÓN (42Km), en el caso de la Gran Canaria Maratón  y a la distancia de MEDIA MARATÓN(21Km), en el caso de la Gran Canaria Media Maratón Memorial Alcalde Camilo Sánchez.

Puedes hacer tu inscripción doble a través de nuestra plataforma de inscripciones, eligiendo la modalidad: 2 CARRERAS: 21K Camilo Sánchez + 42K Gran Canaria Maratón.

Las personas que ya hubieran llevado a cabo su inscripción de manera individual a la Gran Canaria Maratón y deseen acogerse a esta oferta, deberán ponerse en contacto con la organización de la carrera para hacer efectiva su inscripción doble, a través del correo electrónico :

¡No lo pienses más y pásate por nuestra sección “Inscripciones”!

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